What is an aluminum pour?

During an aluminum pour, we melt the aluminum in the furnace to the perfect temperature, and our crew pours the hot metal right into your scratch block when it's ready. It is a wonderful learning experience and something very different that is only usually offered once you get to an upper college level. We have worked with various artists and engineers to perfect a technique that allows us to offer this experience to people of all different skill levels and ages. We have done workshops that are very similar to this one with schools (K-12 and above) in KY, OH, IN, and even England! We are very excited to bring this back home to Solsberry to share with everyone.

How many steps are there? How long will the process take?

As participants arrive and check in they will receive their scratch block which allows for a 5" x 5" design to be carved. The length of time it takes to carve your design depends on the design itself and each individual's speed. You can carve down as much as you desire (without going all the way through). The more you carve, the more your design will stick out after being poured. It takes the furnace 30 minutes to warm up to the 1275 degrees it needs to melt the aluminum. When it reaches 1400 degrees the aluminum is liquified enough to pour. Pouring only takes a few minutes and about 20 minutes for it to cool enough to be handles with gloves. We will be doing all of the handling of the hot metal.

How many scratch blocks can be carved at once?

The furnace handles approximately 30 lbs. of melted aluminum at once. That allows 15 scratch blocks to be poured at a time. There will also be approximately 30 minutes in between pours to allow the aluminum to melt to the correct consistency.

Will the carving be done inside or outside?

The carving will be done inside the old tobacco barn around campfires and outside on some picnic tables (weather permitting). We will be doing the pouring outside - rain, shine or snow.

What should we wear?

We recommend dressing for the outdoors. Everyone is welcome to explore the sculpture park along the over three miles of trails that are on the grounds so wear good walking shoes or hiking boots if you like to do that. There are a few hills and stairs on the path.

Can we bring snacks or lunch?

You are welcome to bring any drinks or food you like. No alcohol is permitted. Please remember to cart off anything you cart in. There are no vending machines on the property.

Are restroom facilities available?

Yes. A very clean port-a-potty will be on the grounds for your use.

Are there signs so you know where to turn?

There will be signs to Sculpture Trails and the Old Tobacco Barn that will be posted once you reach Solsberry when we are having scheduled events only.

Do we need to bring any additional money?

A limited amount of scratch blocks are available for $20-50 a piece. There are no vending machines on the property.

How do you participate?

The best way to guarantee that you have supplies reserved for you on the day of the pour would be to RSVP by emailing us your name and phone number along with the number of guests you would be bringing to sculpturetrails@gmail.com. All money will be collected on the day of the event ($20-50 cash/check only please). We are planning to have a few extra scratch blocks available on the day of the pour on a first-come-first-serve basis, if you would like to do more than one. Supplies are extremely limited so we strongly recommend you RSVP so no one will be disappointed.

Do you have to pay if you want to just come, watch and not make anything?

No. Just watching is free, but believe me, once you see how much fun everyone else is having you will want to participate, too.

How long are the trails?

There are over 3 miles of sculpture filled trails that make up the museum.

How hard is it to walk the trails?

The trails are of moderate difficulty and it is recommended that our visitors wear sturdy shoes that are comfortable for long walks. There are benches here and there throughout the museum for taking breaks as needed and enjoying the scenery. As we also strive to be 100% accessible, we also provide golf cart tours. Please make arrangements for a golf cart tour at least 48 hours before your planned visit.