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Sculpture in Public Places

About the Tour

The sculptures in public places tour are a self-guided outdoor experience. Providing an opportunity to explore local businesses that support the program, while viewing some of the international sculptures from the Sculpture Trails collection.

Take the tour today and enjoy the local gems that Indiana has to offer. Whether it's sipping a glass of hand-crafted, wine at Owen Valley Winery, having a fun night out at the French Licks Casino, or even discovering the love of books at Bloomfield public library, and so much more. There is something for everyone to get excited about and sculptures to be discovered on the way.

If you would like to further support Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, feel free to make a donation by clicking on the form located at the bottom of the page and enjoy the tour.

About the Program

This program currently involves local organizations in our surrounding Counties displaying six large-outdoor-sculptures on the participant properties. The Museum rotates the selected sculptures with no extra charge to the host organizations. Every other year each sponsor will be able to enjoy a new piece of artwork from the Museums international collection. Sculpture Trails provides restoration for each sculpture by our skilled artisans. 

The Sculpture in Public Places Program is designed to benefit the organizations involved. The Museum provides the unique experience of enjoying masterful artworks while bringing the community together. The Trails takes special   consideration in supporting the parts of our communities that are underserved in the arts. This program will help teach our next generation how important the arts are, bringing tourism travel, support creative problem-solving, hands-on learning opportunities, and how the arts bring pride to the community. These are principles that will help build a stronger community for years to come. 

Where are the Sculptures Located:

About the Sculptures

 The Save the Sculpture Program has six large-scale international sculptures in the Collection. Originating in England the sculptures are created by Royal British Masters, Pam Brown and Roy Kitchin, whose works were in danger of ending up being destroyed. Through many generous donations and passionate volunteers, the Museum was able to save the masterful artworks where they are lovingly displayed in Greene County, Indiana. 

Each piece is sponsored by the host locations as well as through grants, individual sponsors, and specified donations. If you would like to help the Sculpture in Public Places program, please consider becoming a sponsor and make your contribution through the Sponsorship Form.

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