2025 applications are due by December 31st 2024
Become part of the Trails Crew!

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum has 20 internship openings for July 2025 and one of them could be yours!

This experience is a fantastic stepping-stone for you, your artwork, and your career as you work alongside experienced artists and interns from all over the world. The workshop pours 30,000 Ibs. of cast iron and produces 50,000 Ibs. of resin bonded sand molds all in one month. Our staff will help guide you regardless of experience level.

Intern Amenities

The Sculpture Trails mission is to encourage and teach the next generation of metal castors. Interns have the opportunity to create and install a sculpture in the Cast Iron Sculpture Exhibition on the Museum grounds for two years. The first week of July will be dedicated to casting and finishing intern sculptures. In addition, interns will be provided with free camping, a reduction in cost for materials, food, access to the foundry studio and speedy melt furnace.

Intern Responsibilities

The interns will have the opportunity to learn all aspects required for running the July Cast Iron Workshop. Interns will work alongside workshop participants assisting with casting patterns, creating a safe and clean work environment, maintaining the foundry tools along with other learning opportunities related to the restoration of the Museum's Collection.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Alternative pattern making techniques.
  • various mold making techniques.
  • iron blast furnace operation
  • various casting techniques
  • finishing processes for cast iron
  • public safety and sculpture installation
  • teaching opportunities
  • Pouring Iron

Throughout the course of the month, you will learn every aspect it takes to cast and install a sculpture. Sign up today and learn how.

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