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Metal Casting Presentation for students


Invite Sculpture Trails to your school, the metal casting presentation provides a unique opportunity for students of any age group to learn the art of metal casting and is free to schools in the Greene County, Indiana area. The Museum provides a visual presentation by the Artist in Residence about metal casting and how to create sculpture. The Trails will gift each class one large relief sand mold for students to carve. The Museum pours molten metal into the student's mold, forever capturing the unique design in aluminum. The class will witness the entire process from start to finish and the students get to keep the sculptures they have made. The metal casting presentation is a great opportunity to have the Trails come pour metal at any school. 

Looking for a Fieldtrip option? Students are invited to come view the Museum's extensive sculpture collection while hiking the scenic hills of Indiana. The Mission of the Trails aims to teach children the importance of the arts within the community. The Trails offers students a place to freely express artistic passions.


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email: Sculpturetrails@gmail.com


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