Volunteer Meal Donations

Cook a meal to support the Arts!

Do you love to cook for large groups?

If so, we hope that you can find it in your heart to help the Trails feed the Artists and Interns for the Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops this July.

Here’s how you can help: 

Sign up now to make a meal for 40 to help sponsor the artists during the Cast Iron Workshops this season. We are asking for Lunches and Dinners that can be donated daily in July. Your meal and donations make a big impact in helping support the arts in the community. Don’t have time to cook but still want to make a difference? Gift a meal instead.

Volunteer Resident Cook

The Museum is looking for passionate volunteers to become our Resident cook during the Cast Iron Workshop in July. Resident cooks will have the opportunity to feed 40 people, create their own menu, be provided with groceries and have sou chefs to assist with each meal. Come show off your culinary talents at the Trails.

The Impact of your donation:

Your generosity reduces the overall cost of food for artist interns volunteering for Sculpture Trails Cast Iron Workshops in July. Food donations make a big impact in helping support young and passionate artists with very little means.

Who are the Intern Artists? 

The Sculpture Trail interns are the heart and soul of the Museum. Interns travel from all over the world to volunteer for the Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops in July. The passion of our interns is what keeps the Museums workshops and collection a success. Their financial sacrifice has been a priceless benefit to our community. We are truly humbled at the level of dedication that the interns have, and their willingness to keep the Museum open, free and looking beautiful for the community. 

Fill out the form below and cook a meal for the Arts!