Volunteer Meal Donations

July Food Drive!

July Food Drive!

We hope that you can find it in your budget, schedule and heart to help us feed the Intern Artists for the Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops this season.

Here’s how you can help: 

Make a meal and join us. We are asking for Lunches and Dinners to be donated daily in July. Your fully prepared meal needs to be ready to serve and eat for forty hungry Iron Sculptors. Don’t have time to cook? Gift a meal instead. 

The Impact of your donation:

Your donation helps the Intern Artists that are participating in our month-long sculpture workshop by reducing the overall food cost for the month. They are all young artists with a very thin budget.

Who are the Intern Artists? 

They are the blood, sweat and tears of our museum. They travel from all over the world to help us every year make the Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops a success and leave behind new sculptures and new additions to the Museum grounds for our community to enjoy for years to come. Their financial sacrifice has been a priceless benefit to our community. We are truly humbled at the level of sacrifice that they are willing to give to keep the museum open, free and looking beautiful for the community. 

Fill out the form and schedule a meal donation.