Andrew Light

My process is highly intuitive. I typically begin with doodles and sketches that evolve into a formal drawing. From there it may turn into a maquette or get right into building, it depends on the project. At times I have been compelled to respond to existing materials as they are. Absorbing them into my work directly, or as a taking off point for further drawing.

Through all of this intuition, I begin to gain certain insights into the project at hand. These insights take the form of language as I poke and prod at my subconscious, and through the course of the build, dominant themes begin to emerge. There is a consistent foundation of working from the figure, alluding to it through highly abstracted forms. I prefer to refrain from letting forms become too specific, leaving them ambiguous as a means to intrigue, to pose open questions.

  • Forest Dancing | Steel, Stainless Steel | Map #

  • Whiptailed Harlet | Iron | Map #

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Lives In: Lexington | KY | USA

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